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Brivic Media Group is a full-service media agency providing media planning, buying and promotional services. Our team is responsible for the media management for a broad range of industries including; healthcare, travel, domestic leisure, energy services, senior living, and education. Additionally, Brivic Media Group provides media services for a growing list of creative services, marketing consultants and public relations firms.


Traditionally, media has been seen primarily as a buying function; but, in truth, there is nothing traditional about this discipline any longer. With the proliferation of media options, fragmentation of audiences and increased focus on accountability, we owe it to each of our clients to provide the best media thinking and execution available. To this end, we develop unique and cost-effective solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our media process involves 4 stages, each of equal importance; Planning, Buying, Stewardship and Reporting.


Our philosophy is simple. Take care of the basics (know the consumer, know the media and pay attention to detail)….then extend the client’s message through strong negotiation, unique executions and value-added elements. It is not enough to just buy “cheap”. We consistently stretch our clients’ budgets through such tactics as better targeting, premium positioning, promotional support and partnerships. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to media. Each client’s plan is unique to their needs.



Kelley Robinson, President of Brivic Media Group is a fixture in the Houston Media industry. She has managed successful campaigns in the healthcare, energy, non-profit,  senior living, travel and real estate industries.  She is conversant in both traditional and digital media and understands the importance of melding the two.  


Kelley is the 2022 Media Director of the year, 2019 Media Alliance of Houston recipient of Agency Digital Professional and 2018 winner of Media Director of the year. Involvement in her industry is important and she serves on the American Advertising of Houston board and previously on the Houston Media Alliance and Houston Media Classic boards. 

She values strong relationships with her clients and industry peers.  She places learning as a top priority for herself and team and is constantly staying up to date on media trends to continue to create successful and thoughtful campaigns for her clients.  Kelley is a familiar face at the University of Houston, judging media campaigns at The Valenti School of Communication each semester.

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